Measurement Concepts

Professional Medical Scales

Physician Beam Scale
Professional medical scales are used to accurately measure the weight of patients in healthcare settings. They are designed to provide precise weight readings and are built from high-quality parts. They are also designed to be used multiple times a day. When choosing a professional medical scale, you can consider things like ease of use, the ways in which the scale will be used, and the actual users.

Column Scales

A column scale is a medical weighing scale with a column mounted indicator, so the weight reading is displayed at waist level for the user. This can save the user time and effort as they don’t need to bend down to operate the scale.

Professional Medical Scales.

Professional medical scales are used by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to measure the weight of patients. They are professional-grade devices that can also measure other data points such as Body Mass Index.

Physician Beam Scale